Current Exhibitions & News

There's a lot going on in the studio right now and a ton happening behind the scenes. I'm working on a series of huge watercolor paintings that I think of as a saga. The action in the paintings reads from left to right and continues from one eight foot long painting to another. You can see the first one online here, and there is a detail from the first painting on this page.

I just finished up a new book titled The Minotaur Family. The book is based on a new painting that's not on the website. You can see a few details on instagram here, and the book will be online in some form soon. In the meantime, you can check out my huge, beautiful book project called Still Still, I Mean It After All. That book is a loose narrative based on paintings that I made from 2012 to 16.

If you'd like to see original drawings, you can check out some paintings on paper in the flat files at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, and Gallery Joe in Philadelphia has some small ink drawings in their new space at #2 St. James Court in Philadelphia. You can purchase a few small original pieces online at Pierogi and I have a new studio storefront where I'm selling affordable archival digital prints and books and donating a percentage of the profits to the ACLU.

You can often see images of my latest work in progress on instagram, where I post as the_drawist. You can also see more writing about my work and occasional posts about other people's art on my blog. Also behind the scenes, I moved my website to a new server, which may or may not have caused a few lost emails: if you tried to reach me recently and I didn't write back, email me at sam at samanthasimpson dot com.

Saga 1 (detail), Ink and watercolor on paper, 2017

Past Exhibition News and Press

My work was included in A City of Artists, Celebrating the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours in the Philadelphia Art in City Hall gallery on the first floor of City Hall. The exhibition was organized by the wonderful people at CFEVA. It was on view in another Philadelphia civic building in November of 2016:├čI had a small book in the Philadelphia Center for the Book's Little Lexicons exhibition at the Philadelphia Free Library from November 4th to January 13, 2017. My latest frog painting, What We Must Do, was in a show curated by the brilliant Susan Coote in Episcopal Academy's Crawford Gallery called Messages and American Dreams.

Two of my drawings were included in Gallery Joe's show Joy, a lovely exhibition that also includes work by Mia Rosenthal, Alex Paik, Astrid Koppe, Sharka Hyland and Marilyn Holsing. My work was also on exhibit in Gallery Joe's Bye Bye Old City show in Philadelphia.

Episode, right was included in Drawing Now at Artspace Liberti. The show was curated by Sabina Tichindeleanu with Emilie Keim Viss, and included lots of great work, some of which you can see on Sabina's blog here. There were some nice reviews of the show: one of them is here.

An exhibition of my new work, More Than I Had To Say, was at Firecat Projects in Chicago. The show included many of the newer pieces that are on the artwork page of the website. The piece below is Episode, and it's one of a series of four pieces that anchored the show.

I made a new etching, Doubt, with Slugfest Printmaking Workshop that can be purchased there or through Galley Joe in Philadelphia.

How and How Not to Draw A Morning Glory
was included in Narcissus in the Studio: Artist Portraits and Self Portraits at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Center Street Studio helped me make Promise, an etching, that is now in the collection of the Cornell University Museum and the Davis Museum at Wellesley College.

There is an interview with me by Jennifer Zarro in Art Matters magazine.

My show at Gallery Joe with Rachel Perry Welty was reviewed in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Weekly and on artblog. (Click the links to read the reviews.)

Spring (right) and Posessions were included in Ink! the summer group show at Gallery Joe in Philadelphia. You can read reviews of the show written by Edith Newhall at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Lori Hill of the Philadelphia City Paper , and Roberta Fallon in the Philadelphia Weekly and on artblog.

Exotic Narrative, a 48' long piece on paper, was on exhibit through the Philadelphia Airport's Exhibition Initiative.

Drawings on paper were included in "I Woke Up in a Strange Place" at Moti Hasson Gallery in NYC. My drawings were mentioned in a short exhibition review in the New York Times.

The Problem of Prevost's Squirrel, a show of my large work on paper, was up at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia. Roberta Fallon wrote about the show in the Editor's Picks section of a recent Philadelphia Weekly, and Edith Newhall wrote an article about the show for the Philadelphia Inquirer. See my exhibition history for more complete information.

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, Ink & watercolor on paper, 2012

, Ballpoint on paper, 2006

, Ink on paper, 2006