Samantha Simpson Artwork Info
There's a lot going on in the studio right now.

I'm working on a series of huge watercolor paintings that I think of as a saga. The action in the paintings reads from left to right and continues from one eight foot long painting to another. You can see the first one online here, and the second one is here.

I just finished up a new book titled The Minotaur Family. That book will be online soon, but In the meantime, you can check out my last huge book project: Still Still, I Mean It After All. It is a loose narrative based on paintings that I made from 2012 to 2016.

You can often see images of work in progress on instagram, where I post as the_drawist. You can also see more writing about my work and occasional posts about other people's art on my blog.
If you'd like to see original drawings, you can check out some paintings on paper in the flat files at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, and a few small original pieces are available online at Pierogi as well.

Gallery Joe in Philadelphia has some small ink drawings in their new space at #2 St. James Court in Philadelphia.

I have an online studio storefront where I sell books as well as affordable archival digital prints. I'm donating a percentage of the profits to the ACLU.

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