Robobear, Ink on Paper, 76" x 76",2000
Wounded Union, Ink on paper, 80"x 80", 2001
Hydra the Prestidigitator, Ink on paper, 80"x'80",2000
Trip Trap, Ink on paper, 80"x128", 2001
Mythologizing Back, Ink on paper, 51"x80",2001
Battle, Ink on paper, 76"x80",1999
Night Snakes,Ink on paper, 76"x80",1999
Snake Hunt,Ink on paper,76"x76",1998




Samantha Simpson, Trip Trap, ink on paper, 6'6"x10'6", 2001

The Snake Cycle is a series of paintings on paper that were made from 1998 to 2001. Selected pieces are on view on this website- click the images at left or above for larger images.

Trip Trap, above, shows bear/mouse characters setting and stumbling over an elaborate trap. The characters in Wounded Union, right, are coddling and repairing a snake. Snake Hunt, below, is based on a 15th century medieval tapestry that uses a rabbit hunt as a courtship metaphor.